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ADVISO PARTNERS advises RABOT DUTILLEUL’s shareholder managers on raising impact funds from a consortium of regional financial investors: REV3 CAPITAL, REBOOST, NORD CROISSANCE and FINORPA

Founded in 1920, RABOT DUTILLEUL is a family-owned and leading group in the construction & public works sector in France and Belgium. The group has expertise along the entire construction value chain, from planning to completion, together with a strong regional presence in northern France, the Île-de-France and Grand Est regions.

RABOT DUTILLEUL was behind some high-profile projects in the Hauts-de-France region, such as the construction of KIABI’s international headquarters and the renovation of the historic ICAM site in Lille.

When it comes to expertise in eco-design and sustainable construction, RABOT DUTILLEUL is a true pioneer, striving to minimise its activities’ impacts on the environment. The group puts all its expertise to work in order to sustainably improve the regions in which it operates and actively engages in a low-carbon approach. Since 2012, it has trained some 250 employees in eco-design, delivered more than 115 sustainably designed projects and has been a key player in the “third industrial revolution” in the Hauts-de-France region.

Advised by ADVISO PARTNERS, RABOT DUTILLEUL's shareholder managers have raised impact funds from a consortium of regional financial investors: REV3 CAPITAL, REBOOST, NORD CROISSANCE and FINORPA. The transaction represents a new stage in RABOT DUTILLEUL's development with a focus on sustainable growth and innovation. With the backing of these regional funds, the group can continue its transformation into a more creative and resource-efficient business: digitisation and the industrialisation of processes, energy renovation, ecological transition, etc.

The financing also enables the group to accelerate its innovation strategy, R&D and investments amid the challenges posed by the third industrial revolution, or “REV3”. This new approach to construction leaves RABOT DUTILLEUL well placed to achieve dynamic business development and market share gains.

François DUTILLEUL, Chairman of RABOT DUTILLEUL: “Our strategy is to play an active role in the ecological transition along the entire value chain in the construction and real estate sectors. This means taking a holistic approach to our projects, from the design stage onwards. In particular, we are developing energy renovation and building rehabilitation solutions. The aim of our investments is to transform our business in terms of process industrialisation, off-site construction, digitisation and the development of new skills."

Guillaume THOMÉ, Investment Director at NORD CAPITAL PARTENAIRES: “Through this one-of-a-kind regional consortium, we are delighted to support RABOT DUTILLEUL and its shareholder managers as they develop this pioneering regional mid-sized group, taking on board the challenges posed by REV3. The decarbonisation of buildings is gathering pace, and the group’s undeniable technical DNA places it as a frontrunner driving the low-carbon transformation of the construction sector across our regions.”

Guillaume CAPELLE, Partner at ADVISO PARTNERS: “We are proud to have supported the founding families of the RABOT DUTILLEUL group, a recognised midcap group in northern France, in this high profile transaction. The group's shareholders and teams are genuinely committed to meeting the need to adapt construction methods to the challenges of tomorrow (digitalisation, off-site, new eco-friendly materials, etc.). They can now rely on new resources to accelerate the group's development.”