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ADVISO PARTNERS advises HIVEST CAPITAL PARTNERS as it enters into exclusive negociations with AGROMOUSQUETAIRES in order to sell SAINT MAMET

HIVEST CAPITAL PARTNERS has announced that it is entering into exclusive negotiations with AGROMOUSQUETAIRES (the agrifood division of Groupement Les Mousquetaires) on the sale of shares in French fruit processing specialist SAINT MAMET.

Founded in 1953 and now a recognised expert in the fruit industry, SAINT MAMET processes over 35,000 tonnes of fruit each year at its industrial facility in Vauvert (in the Gard department of France). With its registered office in Nîmes (Gard), SAINT MAMET generates revenue in the region of €65 million and employs some 150 permanent employees, together with over 200 seasonal workers during peak season.

AGROMOUSQUETAIRES aims to create a centre of excellence for the fruit sector at the Vauvert site, by working alongside 150 fruit growers in south-east France to strengthen and build on existing relationships and support the agricultural transition in the fruit growing industry.

AGROMOUSQUETAIRES plans to invest in innovative industrial and commercial capabilities to enhance the competitiveness of the unique industrial facilities to be maintained in France and relocate some processing operations currently subcontracted in other European countries.

In addition, synergies with other MOUSQUETAIRES processing plants, in particular the Delvert facility (Corrèze), which specialises in producing compotes and jams, will make it possible to broaden and enhance the existing product ranges.

Alongside the industrial approach, there are also plans to raise the profile of SAINT MAMET, a recognised processed fruit brand, among current and future customers in France and internationally.

This new stage in SAINT MAMET's development is a natural progression, fully supported by the company's current teams.

The proposed acquisition will be subject to authorisation by the French Competition Authority.

“The SAINT MAMET acquisition project highlights Groupement LES MOUSQUETAIRES’ aim to strengthen its industrial capabilities for the benefit of our retail chains, our brands, and the other partners of AGROMOUSQUETAIRES.”Didier DUHAUPAND, Chairman of Groupement LES MOUSQUETAIRES.

“It also signals our desire to accelerate the shift towards the fruit and vegetable sectors in partnership with French producers, and our resolute commitment to the agricultural transition.”Jean-Baptiste SARIA, Chairman of AGROMOUSQUETAIRES.

“We are pleased with the progress made in recent years alongside the teams of SAINT MAMET, both on the industrial front and in terms of re-energising the brand. The project co-developed by SAINT MAMET and AGROMOUSQUETAIRES will take the company's development to the next level. By drawing on the company’s strengths, particularly its close links with the French fruit growing sector, this project has what it takes to enable SAINT MAMET to continue to realise its full potential. This is a great project for the company, its employees and the sector.” - Cédric LEPEE, Managing Partner at HIVEST CAPITAL PARTNERS.

“This project is a great opportunity for the women and men of SAINT MAMET. It is a long-term project, representing a commitment through investment in a growing market. The arrival of AGROMOUSQUETAIRES brings some important new advantages in terms of developing industrial facilities and the fruit growing sector in the Occitanie region. It is an excellent project for the company, its employees and the sector.” - Stéphane LEHOUX, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SAINT MAMET.