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Bertrand Thimonier
Chairman, Founder
Guillaume Dary
Managing Partner
Romain Massiah
Managing Partner
Marc Lebrun
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Guillaume Capelle
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Louis Vercken
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Antoine Tanguy
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Press releases

  • 10/2020 - Adviso Partners advises shareholders of Nous épiceries anti-gaspi on €8 m fundraising with Eutopia Quadia and Danone Manifesto Ventures

    Founded in 2018 by Charles LOTTMANN and Vincent JUSTIN, with the backing of cleantech Phénix, NOUS EPICERIES ANTI-GASPI (NEAG) is the leading network of ecologically responsible grocery stores committed to combating food waste in France.

    NEAG grocery stores offer a comprehensive range of food products rejected by traditional distribution channels. Whether products with visual imperfections, such as misshapen tomatoes, goods nearing their "best before" dates, or surplus produce, NEAG gives these unjustly rejected groceries a second chance: its win-win business model benefits both suppliers and customers, with selling prices approximately 25% lower than in supermarkets.

    The network currently consists of 10 stores located in the Grand Ouest region and Paris, all developed under trademark license agreements.

    Following a successful launch phase that validated the Group's business model, the shareholder-managers wish to continue rolling out the concept in France. They want to broaden their anti-food waste initiative by opening 40 grocery stores by 2024, with the aim of making the brand a key sustainable consumption player in France and then Europe.

    Advised by ADVISO PARTNERS during a competitive process which attracted a large number of impact funds, NEAG's shareholders welcomed investment funds EUTOPIA, QUADIA and DANONE MANIFESTO VENTURES on board as part of an €8 million capital increase. PHENIX, a major anti-waste player in France and the majority shareholder of NOUS EPICERIES ANTI-GASPI, took advantage of the transaction to sell part of its shares.

    Charles LOTTMANN, Chairman of NOUS EPICERIES ANTI-GASPI: "Our aim is to challenge the prevailing standards in the agri-food world by building a more sustainable, zero-waste distribution model."

    Vincent JUSTIN, Co-founder of NOUS EPICERIES ANTI-GASPI: "We are delighted to welcome on board these 3 new partners who, alongside our original shareholder PHENIX, will give new impetus to our project."

    Guillaume DARY, Partner at ADVISO PARTNERS: "NOUS ANTI-GASPI has just the kind of profile that we are drawn to at ADVISO IMPACT, ADVISO PARTNERS' impact business line: committed entrepreneurs, a positioning as forerunners addressing the challenges facing our planet, and a growth project combining financial, social and environmental performance! These strengths attracted strong interest from the leading impact investing funds in the market."


    • 10 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year in France, i.e. 30% of all food produced for human consumption.

    • Up to 10% of produce is rejected by traditional distribution networks, despite being good quality and perfectly edible.

    • Waste is responsible for 3% of all carbon emissions in France (i.e. five times the emissions of domestic air traffic).

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