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Press releases

  • 03/2020 - Adviso Partners advises Banook Group's shareholder managers in the sale of a majority stake to Turenne Santé

    Founded in 1999 by Pascal VOIRIOT and based in Nancy, BANOOK GROUP specialises in cardiac safety studies for clinical trials on medicinal products for human health. The Group supports pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, generalist Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), NGOs and academic centres involved in conducting clinical trials from phase I to III, before registering new drugs. It also supports manufacturers of new ECG recording devices as they progress through their validation stages. Over the last few years, BANOOK GROUP has also developed services for the centralised reading of medical imaging and the adjudication of critical clinical events.

    TURENNE SANTE has acquired a stake in BANOOK GROUP via the FPCI fund Capital Santé 2. Alongside founder Pascal VOIRIOT and key senior managers, TURENNE SANTE has become a majority shareholder to help drive the group's development in France and internationally. Metz-based EURO CAPITAL, advised by TURENNE GROUPE, and the Nancy-based ILP fund also invested.

    Advised by ADVISO PARTNERS, BANOOK GROUP has begun the first stage of its management transition with the acquisition of equity stakes by the group's key senior managers: Alexandre DURAND-SALMON, Yasmin KHAN and Stéphane PAPELIER. Together with Pascal VOIRIOT, they aim to continue driving the Group's development in Europe, where it has a strong presence, as well as in North America and Asia, the main global markets.

    In the words of Pascal VOIRIOT and Alexandre DURAND-SALMON, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BANOOK GROUP, respectively: "This transaction is an important stage in the acceleration of our development. BANOOK GROUP places great importance on improving the quality of life of millions of patients worldwide. The deal reflects our corporate culture and our commitment to bringing science closer to people. We are pleased to share this ambitious development project with our investors, at both the commercial and operational levels, with potential levers for selective external growth."

    Benoît PASTOUR, CEO of TURENNE GROUPE, and Paul CHAMOULAUD, Associate Director of TURENNE SANTE: "BANOOK GROUP enjoys one-of-a-kind expertise in cardiac safety, an area in which it is a leader in Europe. This transaction marks a first stage in the transfer process between current Chairman Pascal VOIRIOT and the Group's key senior managers. We are delighted to join them in their ambitious project to expand in Europe and internationally. This is the third investment for Capital Santé 2 in scarcely a year!"

    Guillaume CAPELLE, Partner with ADVISO PARTNERS: "We are very pleased to have supported the shareholders of BANOOK GROUP in this important stage of their development. ADVISO PARTNERS conducted a competitive bidding process involving investment funds mainly specialising in the healthcare sector and strategic players. TURENNE SANTE stood out for its knowledge of the healthcare environment and its proposal to structure the deal in accordance with the expectations of clients and the management team."

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