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Bertrand Thimonier
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Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
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Press releases

  • 02/2019 - Amundi provides support to My Retail Box which raises €7million to speed up its development

    AMUNDI's investment via its social and solidarity-based savings fund - AMUNDI FINANCE ET SOLIDARITE- will enable MY RETAIL BOX to speed up its development, in particular with the implementation of new responsible production processes, the design and implementation of virtuous logistics models and a broader deployment of its concepts in France and Europe.

    Founded in 2013 by Didier ONRAITA and David SUTRAT, MY RETAIL BOX is now the largest European bulk sales operator, thanks in particular to its brand "day by day - mon épicerie en vrac" (my bulk grocery store).

    The aim of both entrepreneurs is to promote responsible consumption for all. By offering daily products only in quantities on demand and without unnecessary packaging, MY RETAIL BOX wishes to contribute to reducing food waste and waste production.

    With already nearly 60 points of sale in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, MY RETAIL BOX develops sales concepts adapted to each city size and each place of consumption in order to target all consumers:
    • "Day by day - mon épicerie en vrac": 100% bulk convenience store dedicated to city centres with over 50,000 inhabitants;
    • "Poids et Mesure", bulk shops for cities with 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitants;
    • "A la pesée", a local bulk shop designed for convenience stores in towns with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants;
    • As well as custom concepts created for mass-market retailing.

    Driven by a booming bulk market and by strong societal aspirations, the ambition of MY RETAIL BOX is to become a major player in responsible consumption for all in Europe by operating across the entire value chain: from product selection to the way they are transported, stored and consumed.

    Advised by ADVISO PARTNERS, the company's executive shareholders welcome as a minority shareholder the AMUNDI FINANCE ET SOLIDARITE fund, managed by AMUNDI, with the aim of financing the development of social and solidarity-based enterprises that meet the crucial challenges facing society.

    Didier ONRAITA, Chairman of MY RETAIL BOX declares: "The major environmental and societal challenges of our time urge us to make fairer, more sustainable and more accessible consumption solutions available to all. By joining our project, AMUNDI offers us the opportunity to shorten time to bring to as many people as possible, in a shorter timeframe, our proposal for increasingly virtuous consumption".

    David SUTRAT, Vice-Chairman of MY RETAIL BOX adds: "Although we have not invented bulk, we have, on the other hand, created the bulk market by setting up a real ecosystem. The arrival of AMUNDI will enable us to continue to innovate in product development, logistics, marketing and even services".

    Guillaume DARY, Partner at Adviso Partners adds: "MY RETAIL BOX's positioning and project respond to strong societal aspirations fully shared by ADVISO PARTNERS: sustainable and more responsible consumption, respect for producers and a close and trusting relationship between the customer and the retailer. This transaction attracted a lot of interest from potential partners".

    Mathieu AZZOUZ, manager of the AMUNDI FINANCE ET SOLIDARITE fund for Amundi, emphasises: "With MY RETAIL BOX, we address several major social impact themes: combatting food waste and waste. In addition, as a socially responsible investor, we seek to invest in companies with a strong territorial base, enabling job creation throughout France and we also want to enable an improvement in the incomes of local producers. Our challenges as an investor with strong social impact have thus perfectly met the development objectives targeted by the founders of MY RETAIL BOX".

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